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How does LDAP work

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP is a online protocol used by email programs along with some different applications to hunt and fetch information from your directory. A directory can be a data repository storing identical chunks of data in a hierarchical and logical arrangement.

For instance, a phone directory that has various subscriber names found with associated telephone numbers and addresses is an instance of a directory. This type of a construction can be implemented with LDAP. But this protocol is not confined to obtaining contact info regarding people. It can find resources on a network such as scanners and printers, and permit people to use the resources along with services that are shared utilizing just one password.

LDAP can be implemented where upgrades are done very rarely and in which kinds of stored information need to be accessed. Email customers use LDAP to get directory information from a server. Since LDAP does not support encryption, processes like upgrading and modifying information has to be done utilizing a secure SSL connection.

LDAP can also use DNS Domain Name System to construction the top of its hierarchy. This allows the platform to have a broad scope in the very top end of this hierarchy, but in precisely exactly the same time scroll down to a single entity in the end of this hierarchy. For instance, the level may represent countries, countries or other geographical boundaries, whereas the bottom end could point on a computer, a resource on a particular individuals information or a network. This makes the protocol quite versatile in dealing with a selection of programs.

The University of Michigan developed the LDAP protocol along with its present version is LDAPv3.



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