I am a writer for many sites. I HATE a lot of your posts. This is why I despise your very first paragraph and what you could do about it.

A Biggie

Initial paragraphs are a massive problem with me. Much better to have died a kid than get this one wrong. If you’re able to get just this 1 thing correctly, your book charges will go through the roof. Unfortunately, almost nobody does it properly.

The whole problem boils to meta tagging. When I make a page on a website for an guide, I must go into the meta title and meta tag description. Your headline is your meta name along with your first paragraph must be the meta description. In case your first paragraph does not match my meta description requirements, I’ll blow by your posts such as a debutante on Rodeo Drive with a brand new credit card. I really don’t have enough time to re-write your masterpiece. Do not make me.

This is exactly what I need:

1. No over 38 words.

2. Preferably two paragraphs.

3. Your key words at the very first sentence.

Today, that sounds simple enough, but not one of you perform it. Instead, you charge into the body of the essay and compose these really horrific 10 line initial paragraphs. I HATE these. I won’t publish you. I might choose never to examine your posts .

Writing articles can be challenging. Many times, the best method is to simply begin writing. I don’t have any trouble with this approach. All I request is that you just write a two-sentence debut once you’ve completed the report.

Scroll back to the very first paragraph of the report. What do you really see? Three brief paragraphs include 26 words. The key words,”writer” and”first paragraph” are included within the 3 paragraphs. While I publish this guide, I’ll copy the first paragraph and then slam it in my meta description.

Wham! Bamn! I am off to another post.

This strategy includes a massive advantage for you also. While I publish posts within this arrangement on websites, the posts may appear high in the search rankings for Google, Yahoo and MSN. Put another way, you’ll have the ability to piggyback my top ranking websites and get your article in front of your intended audience. This implies traffic for both me and you, which ought to cause us both happy.

The very first paragraph is very important. I’ll look beyond crappy headlines and ungodly spelling mistakes should you write a fantastic paragraph. I’m a lazy man. Make my job simple and you’ll benefit.