I have to acknowledge that the afternoon I saw that the trailer of”V For Vendetta” in the movie theatre I was not any near to be eager to pay a ticket for seeing that man having a funny mask onto his head. It appeared to me it’d be more of these basic films extracted out of a not quite known”comic” (at least me) which are emerging in theatres quite often nowadays. However, now I saw it, I believe I had been judging this film wrong rather than being completely fair with all the author and manager.

It was rather surprising to adhere to the narrative and its constant resemblance to what’s occurring now in a much far off country instead of too odd areas. From the film is England that’s been taken by a bunch of fanatics who have concluded their purpose to live is electricity and the imposition of the entire world model and thoughts over everybody and everywhere. There’s an ongoing warfare outside the boundaries and within democracy is finished; meanwhile fear is still living. Individuals has got the chance of questioning truth and require conscience of these horrible ramifications of living under this kind of decadent regime. It’s a version based not in excuse not in justice. Is the version”fascists” preach, in which a”clock-like” operation of this society in the sake of some”chosen ones” is required.

But suddenly there’s a difficulty threatening the”status-quo”they (without understanding ) have generated their very own finisher. It’s a figure which seems to people as a mixture of revenge using a revolutionary head, its title is”V”. Although the film makes it nearer to some easy vengeance appetite of the personality, that is a lousy stage for the author, but anyhow; the movie put us facing tyranny being contested by one questioner, one doubt of what’s been occurring to this society along with his menace to multiply those doubts when the ideal time has arrived, this really is…The 5th of November.

There’s also the human aspect of”V”that he meets with the woman from the film as a result of his opportune revealing while she’s going to be intimidated by a set of key agents of this”fascist” regime which have capture her walking in the wrong hours. You aren’t the proprietor of the time provided that the preachers of”England Prevails” have been in power. She escapes secure because of”V” but merely to be initiated to the world of people who’ll change this world. She’ll be the guest along with captive of”V” till she eventually learns there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

In the end there looks like a split of this vengeance appetites of both”V” as well as the revolutionary intentions which have been rising as the story grows. It gets somewhat apparent that what coming out of the old regime has to expire, such as”V”, however he’s left a last present and perhaps a lesson for people who wish to understand it. Passions belong to people and can be extremely strong forces; nevertheless revolutions cannot be manufactured by a couple of people, revolutions are created by the conscience and prepared of the folks.