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3 Highlights Of Kvarner

Because of the mild winters and summers that are warm, Kvarner has become a very popular destination for travellers. Located in the Mediterranean, Kvarner has been in a position to expand its tourism base whilst keeping up a good industry to support the economy. Here are 3 places That You Ought to make sure you dont overlook if you plan on taking a visit to Kvarner:

Krk: Krk is an island. It is one of the biggest islands in this area, being at hundred square km and a size of about four hundred. One interesting fact about Krk is each year it receives over twenty five hundred hours of sunshine. If you are able to make it be sure you stop by Cave Biserujka, Bay Soline and Kosljun. Popular activities on the island of Krk comprise walking, diving sports and a variety of adventure activities including mountain biking, sea trekking and kayaking.

Rab: Rab features an landscape. On the side of this island, the landscape is bare. On their island’s side, the scene is covered with pine forests that were green. Rab is now a very popular place for many events, including the Rab Lebanese festival along with Rab arbalest tournament and travelers because of its beaches.

Opatija: Opatija, that is Called the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is located below a hill and adjacent . Opatija includes a lot of great things to provide , regardless of whether you would like to holiday in the summer or winter. Opatija is well-known for its natural beauty, beaches , rustic villas, seaside promenade and needless to say, its parks. If you like activities, Opatija presents one of a sort events such as festivals, exhibits and indoor & outdoor festivals.

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