Several months before, in a related post, I made mention of 2 start up air compressors to the US marketplace. Ever since that time, the two EOS Airlines and Maxjet Airways have taken flight and are serving their passengers and creating plans for future growth. Beyond both of these carriers, added carriers are ready to take their first flights. Let us take a peek at some major contenders.

Fly First Class — This Florida based air carrier will utilize Wilmington, NC as its foundation. With flights to Bermuda and London intended, the airline true to its title — will offer just 1 level of support, first course. Expected initial flight is during the next quarter of 2006.

Primaris Airlines — FAA approved and the owner of one Boeing 757 aircraft that they now are renting to a different carrier, Primaris put an order in January 2005 for Boeing’s new Dreamliner aircraft, also known as the 787. Prior to the first of those specific aircraft arrive at 2008, Primaris allegedly will soon be leasing three extra 757 aircraft and start scheduled service between New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco at the middle of 2006.

Virgin America — Pending government approval, Virgin America will fly up of 105 Airbus aircraft. According to San Francisco, the Richard Branson motivated airline has to overcome some challenges first such as compelling the US government which the airline is, really, largely US owned.

Other startup carriers that are also being viewed comprise: Blackstar Airlines, USA Jet Airlines, and Baltia Air Lines. All start ups need to secure key financing, receive various national and local governmental concessions, arrange a management group, and start hiring nicely ahead of the initial flight is created. It’s this specific procedure that shakes out all of the pretenders leaving behind carriers dedicated to making a go of it.