It’s essential your hosting company has the best features and technology. But, you might not know about exactly what you need to look for in a hosting company. All of them say they’re the very best, most dependable, etc. but how can you decipher who’s actually telling the truth? How can you learn what is so important when picking a hosting company? Within this article you’ll discover the 5 items your hosting company has to possess. When you’re exploring a web server and you stumble across one that doesn’t have these 5 items just click off to find one which does have everything you want.

5 Characteristics Your Hosting Company Must Have —

1. Greatest Control Panel: The control panel is your location you’ll be seeing most often, therefore it needs to be user friendly, have all the characteristics you require, etc.. It is possible to get a fantastic control panel using cPanel, which supplies among the greatest control panel user encounters among each the others. CPanel provides over 42 distinct icons, 50 of their popular PHP scripts, shopping carts, forums, and a WordPress site — among the very best site hosts out there. CPanel also supplies an simple to use design and navigation so once you do use it you can forget about pity.

2. About 24-7: Your hosting company must be working for you round the clock. This can keep your site up and running 99.9percent of their time, and the host needs to be in a position to find and fix any issues whenever they look. It’s uncommon that a host may become inactive, however if/when it will occur, you don’t want it to occur to your site. That may mean lost earnings, lost traffic, and perhaps even lost clients for life. Nobody wants that. The hosting company should be functioning all the time — no exceptions. It ought to always monitor your site at least every couple of minutes for issues, assess your own server load and RAM, and also be in a position to allow administrators know immediately so that they can immediately repair the issue. Your hosting company must also give a fire to maintain your site safe from hackers, viruses, and anything else which could effect your site.

3. An Excellent Server: In case you would like to steer clear of normal difficulties and a lot of downtime (all that may be averted ) you want to discover a hosting company with a trusted server. The host’s host must have several hard drives, great RAM, the latest CPUs, the very best energy supply, quality motherboards, also a fantastic cooling system, and a testing platform for all new servers.

4. Linux Servers: No, you don’t need windows servers. You ought to find a hosting company which uses Linux only. You do not have to have Linux on your computer to have a hosting company that uses Linux. Linux has been proven to be reliable and equipped to handle bigger loads compared to other host operating systems. It’s better at virus security also has a better uptime than many others.

5. Free Features: Your hosting company should supply you with an assortment of free attributes, or characteristics which you could use for a small charge. These attributes should contain things which you could use to your site such as images, blogs, compensated pages, sub domain, fascinating facts to improve your site, forums, and much more.